torsdag 2 februari 2012

Denmark: Philidor

Last Monday my danish club, Philidor, played our 5th match for the season. We managed to win pretty convincingly with 8-0, so it doesn't really make any sense to dwelve further into the match. Instead I am going to write a few things about the team.

Philidor is a chessclub which was born in the autumn of 2011. The main man is Jan Andersen a former junior elite player in Denmark who recently took up chess after a break of many many years. When his daughter's school wanted to have some chess, he got interested and is now very involved in school-chess. He then thought that the chessplayers in the school should have a decent club to look up to, and therefore started an adult club and invited some friends to play. As a new club we started in a low divison but the goal is to win every year and rapidly advance to the top leauge, Skakligaen, and win it.

At the moment the team consist of:
GM Jan Gustafsson, Germany.
Swedish GMs Emanuel Berg, Hans Tikkanen and myself.
GM Curt Hansen, Denmark.
Jan Andersen himself.
Former danish national players Svend Hamann and Mogens Moe
as well as a couple of others..

Half of our team: Me, Tikkanen, Moe and Hamann!

With such a team the goal of quickly becoming the best danish club doesn't seem too ambitious as we arguably already are the strongest!

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